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About us

We are an INTEGRATING ENGINEERING of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), which offers 360º solutions in the different sectors that IAQ may affect in indoor spaces.

We are an independent company with a highly qualified multidisciplinary team, which allows us to provide the best technical solutions for each project and each scenario.

In aire interior, we are prepared to analyze and study solutions and improvement projects for the different morphologies of buildings.

What do we do?

Our services are aimed at people’s health and well-being, optimizing the air quality inside buildings in a sustainable way and complying with the current regulations that apply to them. We offer IAQ 360º Integral Solutions that guarantee that indoor air quality projects in buildings obtain the expected improvement benefits with a verifiable methodology.

Our 360º projects are based on physical-chemical and microbiological measurements, which allow, together with the inspection of the HVAC systems, to carry out a Diagnosis of the IAQ of the building. Based on the IAQ Diagnosis, we make proposals to improve the HVAC system to establish IAQ parameters within regulations. The improvement proposals are translated into executive projects that once implemented allow us to audit the final situation of the building’s IAQ. This methodology allows us to have feedback with real parameters of the improvements obtained from the IAQ in a certain project.

Properly designed air treatment systems can substantially improve the IAQ of the building, applying the most appropriate technology to each project.

Our vision

We are convinced that, in the short and medium-term, indoor air quality offers more benefits than the costs of adapting our buildings to achieve it. Some immediate ones: improve people’s health and reduce absenteeism from work; others in the medium term: increase the valuation of your brand as a Socially Responsible Company with the health of the people in your buildings.

So when we talk about indoor air today, we are faced with a new paradigm that the COVID 19 crisis has simply accelerated. Indoor air requires holistic management that must have at least three vectors to consider:

    • The health and well-being of people
    • Indoor comfort
    • Energy saving

Until today, the traditional parameters on which indoor air quality had been framed had been comfort and energy efficiency. But in 2020, the health crisis caused by COVID 19 has introduced a new challenge in the management of the indoor air of our buildings. A challenge that requires new solutions and proposals that, from now on, we must take into account: the health of the people in our offices, hotels, restaurants, industries and homes.

So much so that even the World Health Organization (WHO), concerned about the quality of the air we breathe and aware that we spend most of our time inside buildings, has expressed itself on how it influences the health of people.

We are concerned about the air we breathe. And you?

Committed to Indoor Air Quality

aire interior is a founding member of the IAQ Cluster.

Here is a summary of the founding act of the IAQ Cluster with the participation of PIMEC and the UPC.