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aire interior, as Integrative Engineering in Indoor Air Treatment, it offers IAQ 360º Solutions that guarantee that projects in buildings obtain the anticipated improvement benefits with a verifiable methodology.

For this, aire interior manages the entire IAQ value chain with a multidisciplinary team that allows for measurements of air quality, its diagnosis, and improvement proposals to the corresponding executive project. 

Each building has a different location, morphology, construction characteristics, uses and contents, creating its own IAQ environment that identifies it and also evolves over time and the maintenance that is carried out. This requires a specific study for each building.

The 360º indoor air management begins in the IAQ measurement phase, both at a physicochemical and microbiological level, accompanied by inspections and functional analyzes of the building’s air conditioning and ventilation systems.

At the same time, a study is made of the uses and constructive elements of the building’s envelope, as well as its content.

With the results obtained, both an IAQ diagnosis and the ventilation and air conditioning systems are carried out.

The diagnosis allows us to make proposals for improvement at the level of the building’s ventilation and air conditioning system, and of the interior architecture, assessing which are the elements that generate toxic components for people.

Our value propositions may include accompanying builders, installers and interior designers in the bidding, as well as the Facultative Direction of the Executive Project to be carried out.

Once the project is implemented, aire interior can carry out an audit of the IAQ improvements inside the building, contrasting them with the values ​​obtained in the preliminary diagnosis, guaranteeing the user the correct application of the implemented improvement proposals.

To evaluate the results of Indoor air quality over time, aire interior offers different IAQ monitoring solutions as well as integrations with the building’s BMS, as well as proposals for periodic maintenance and diagnosis programs.

These proposals allow obtaining an early vision of possible future threats to the well-being of the users of the building.

aire interior is an accredited company in the building certification process under the RESET TM Air standard. RESET is a certification focused on the continuous monitoring of air quality inside buildings, through the use of specific sensors for the measurement of parameters and focused on preserving people’s health.

RESET Air is designed to prioritize on-going results and long-term occupant health. Indoor air quality data is required to be continuously gathered through air quality monitors that measure Particulate Matter, TVOC, CO2, Temperature, and Relative Humidity. Results are streamed to the cloud and can be viewed in real-time from any computer or mobile device, informing occupants on the quality of the air in their spaces and buildings. RESET Air takes a comprehensive approach to understand the indoor air quality of an indoor space or building.

aire interior RESET Accredited Professional profile: AIRE INTERIOR – RESET AP